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Countertop Surgical Instrument Washer
Countertop Surgical Instrument Washer

Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector
Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector


Washer Disinfector features and  Washer Disinfector specifications
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Washer Disinfector Specifications 
Surgical Instrument Washer Specifications 
The Washer Disinfector is a heavy-duty, high  volume, single chamber, cabinet style washer designed for thorough and  efficient cleaning of laboratory glassware, utensils, and miscellaneous  items used in research and healthcare facilities. 
Washer Disinfector size:  
Washer Disinfector Compartment usable space: 26” wide x 26" high x 29" deep
Washer Disinfector Overall Unit*”: 42" wide x 80" high x 36" deep Sliding Door(s)  
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer features: 
Washer Disinfector load and unload configuration: (select one): 
Washer Disinfector front load and unload: pass through load and unload The Washer Disinfector is provided with an unload door and an additional cycle status indicator on the unload end, allowing  one-way product flow from the contaminated area to the clean area. Washer Disinfector  shall be provided with a combination of rotating jet spray and direct spindle spraying for all treatment solutions. The Washer Disinfector spray system  consists of a single rotating spray arm mounted above, and interchangeable spindle wash or a rotating jet spray arms mounted below for internal treatment of the racked items. The Washer Disinfector  bottom header automatically couples to the re-circulated wash/rinse treatment system. 
Washer door(s) shall be provided with a full view, tempered, double  glass viewing window.
Washer Disinfector stainless steel treatment components: 
All Washer Disinfector treatment components, including jet spray system, screens, pump,  and recirculating piping are constructed of 304 stainless steel. 
Washer Disinfector safety features: 
Opening the Washer Disinfector load-end door (or unload-end if pass-through unit),  automatically stops operation of the washer. The Washer Disinfector door(s) must be  closed, alarm acknowledged, and the Cycle Start button depressed to  continue operation. A Washer Disinfector Emergency Stop (ES) button is provided on the load-end control panel  (and unload-end if pass-through unit). If the Washer Disinfector operations of the wash  cycle are interrupted by depressing the (ES) Button, the operator must  reset the button and push the “Cycle Start” button to continue  operations from the beginning of the selected cycle. 
Washer Disinfector computer control panel: 
A Washer Disinfector solid-state microcomputer control system monitors and automatically  controls all process operations and functions. A Washer Disinfector twelve-cycle treatment  menu may be programmed and retained to permit operating personnel to  accommodate a wide variety of loads and processing requirements.  Individual cycle phase times and temperatures and other key process  parameters are programmable. Each Washer Disinfector cycle may be locked by supervision to  ensure process integrity. The Washer Disinfector Cycle programming may be controlled by a  supervisory access code. Each cycle program may be reviewed on demand.
Washer Disinfector automatic treatment cycles: 
The standard Washer Disinfector treatment cycle consists of any or all of the following  phases: Pre-wash, Wash, Rinse, Wash II, Rinse and Final Rinse. All  cycle phases may be selected or deselected by the user. All Washer Disinfector Wash and  Rinses treatments are re-circulated under pump pressure except the  optional non-re-circulated rinse. The cycle, once activated, is  completely automatic.
Washer Disinfector debris screens: 
Located in the Washer Disinfector sump, easily removable screens are provided to protect  items and large debris from entering the recirculation system. Washer Disinfector WATER SAVINGS Water from the last rinse cycle may be held and utilized as the  pre-wash of the next cycle.
washer disinfector, times and temperatures. 
Washer Disinfector temperature guarantee: 
The Washer Disinfector operator may select to guarantee the temperatures for any re-circulated phase of the cycle. If the Washer Disinfector temperature guarantee is selected, the phase will not begin timing until the re-circulated water temperature reaches the set point. If the Washer Disinfector re-circulated temperature drops below the set point during the phase, the timer will stop. Once the Washer Disinfector set point temperature is again met, the phase-timer continues from where it stopped thus assuring the set temperature during entire  treatment phase time.
Washer Disinfector operation: 
The Washer Disinfector operator loads the items to be cleaned in the wash chamber, closes  the door, selects the proper cycle, and depresses the “Cycle Start”  button. The Washer Disinfector  proceeds through the treatment schedule and  automatically shuts off at the completion of the cycle. The Washer Disinfector operator  then opens door and removes the cleaned items.
Washer Disinfector treatment schedule:  
Washer Disinfector PRE-WASH
Either Hot water from the house supply fills the Washer Disinfector sump, or Water  remaining in the chamber sump from final rinse of the previous cycle is  re-circulated through the jet system under pump pressure and pumped to  drain upon completion. Phase is adjustable from 0 – 9999 seconds in  1-second intervals and 120F - 190F in 1 intervals.
Washer Disinfector detergent wash: 
Hot water from the house supply fills the Washer Disinfector sump and is pumped through  the jet system. As required, a specified amount of detergent is added  during recirculation using the OPTIONAL LYNX- supplied, or customer  supplied detergent injection pumps. At the end of the treatment, the  detergent solution is pumped to drain. Phase is adjustable from 0 –  9999 seconds in 1-second intervals and 120F - 190F in 1 intervals.
Washer Disinfector rinse: 
Hot water from house supply fills the Washer Disinfector chamber sump and is re-circulated  through the jet system under pump pressure to remove residual  detergent. Re-circulated water is pumped to drain on completion of  treatment.
Washer Disinfector detergent washes 
Same as Washer Detergent Wash phase allowing a secondary detergent to be  utilized.
Washer Disinfector purified water rinses: 
Hot water from house supply fills the Washer Disinfector chamber sump and is re-circulated  through the jet system under pump pressure to remove residual  detergent. Re-circulated water is pumped to drain on completion of the Washer Disinfector treatment. 
The Washer Disinfector Load is sprayed with either re-circulated or an OPTIONAL non-re-circulated sanitary water system. At the end of the Washer Disinfector treatment,  the water may be retained in the chamber sump for use as the pre-wash water in the subsequent load or directed down the facility drain. The Washer Disinfector Re-circulated phase is adjustable from 0 – 9999 seconds in 1-second intervals and 120F - 190F in 1 intervals. 
Washer Disinfector  Surgical Instrument Washer construction: 
The Washer Disinfector base, wash chamber and chamber sump are constructed of #304  Stainless Steel. The Washer Disinfector frame and cabinet, door and hardware are  #304 Stainless Steel. The Washer Disinfector is provided with vertical sliding doors. The Washer Disinfector chamber door(s) are of double-wall construction A tempered double-pane, full view glass  observation window is provided in each door. The Washer Disinfector is insulated with a moisture resistant protective covering. The Washer Disinfector chamber sump is equipped with a level control switch, automatic  water fill port, and a stainless steel heating coil for the  re-circulated treatment solutions. The Washer Disinfector control system displays and  monitors re-circulated solution temperatures. The Washer Disinfector Sump is completely  drained after each phase, preventing cross-contamination between treatment phases and cycles. All re-circulated treatments are under pressure of a stainless steel  3Hp pump. This Washer Disinfector system is equipped with a solid state pressure sensor. The Washer Disinfector is equipped with a transformer for the control circuit; integral Type-2 coordinated protective magnetic starters requiring no  upstream fuses for overload protection of all motors, and all other  electrical components required for the operation. An top-mounted light is provided to illuminate the wash chamber. The Washer Disinfector is equipped with pneumatically actuated valves to control  the output of the pump to the jet system. The Washer Disinfector is inter-piped and inter-wired so that only one connection  is required for each service or utility. The Washer Disinfector is supplied with four (4) threaded detergent injection ports  and electrical pump connections. Washer Disinfector Programming is in Military time and Fahrenheit temperature. Times and  temperatures are expressed in seconds and full-degree increments,  respectively. A highly visible color touch screen displays cycle program data on demand and real-time in-process cycle Washer Disinfector performance. All cycle deviations  are alarmed both visually and audibly and must be acknowledged by the Washer Disinfector operator. The Washer Disinfector is designed to meet specifications by placing all utility  services on either the right-hand or left-hand side of the washer, as  viewed from the load-end. The Washer Disinfector is provided with one (1) additional dry electrical contact  for control for external damper(s) installed in the facility HVAC  system (by customer). A modem is provided for online Washer Disinfector service diagnostics, evaluations, and software upgrades. If required by the customer, this system shall allow for immediate access to the unit’s control system by a factory service  engineer.  The factory trained personnel will have the ability to  troubleshoot, identify Washer Disinfector system malfunctions, and recommend repairs to  local maintenance personnel within minutes of a malfunction.  A dedicated analog phone line is required to utilize the Washer Disinfector Modem feature. 
The ideal steris 444 Washer Disinfector replacement 
improved operating efficiencies 
fits into steris 444 washer footprint size  
larger usable chamber size 
steris 444 washer replacement  and LYNX 610 LX accessories and racks are interchangeable 
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer features:  
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer optional features: 
The Washer Disinfector is equipped with a dryer. Heated air is re-circulated  throughout the chamber at a user-selected temperature: The Washer Disinfector is provided with automatic power activated doors. The Washer Disinfector operator may open and close the door(s) by the push of a button.  If  the Washer Disinfector is a double door (pass-through) configuration the automatic  door logic will be interlocked to allow only one door to be opened at a  time. The Washer Disinfector is provided with a cold-water inlet valve, integral with  the drain line to add cold water during draining for assistance in  reducing the effluent temperature.  A cold-water connection is required  when this option is selected. Vapor created during the Washer Disinfector wash and rinse phases are collected and  directed through internal scavenger exhaust ports to an OPTIONAL Vapor Condenser or to the building exhaust. A vapor condenser requiring no input of water is provided to remove  residual vapors from the Washer Disinfector wash chamber and to direct the condensed  vapors to drain. The Washer Disinfector is provided with an air compressor inter-wired and  inter-piped with the automatic control system to supply the air demand  required by the washer. The Washer Disinfector compressor is supplied with regulator,  filter, and a holding tank. The Washer Disinfector is provided with a high-altitude treatment pump for installations where the elevation is 3000 feet or above sea-level. The Washer Disinfector is designed to comply with Seismic Zone 3 and 4  requirements. The Washer Disinfector is provided with a printer to record all cycle program  parameters and process performance data. Each Washer Disinfector program time/temperature  profile may be printed as required. An Ethernet port is provided to permit the capability of  downloading cycle real-time performance data to a remote computer  terminal. Custom software may be provided to accommodate specific  applications. The main control panel of the Washer Disinfector is inspected and labeled in accordance to the UL  standards. The Washer Disinfectors equipped with an integral #316 Stainless Steel tank with level control, automatic fill and overflow protection. Heating is  accomplished via either steam or electric heat up to 190F. washer disinfector, times and temperatures. 
Washer Disinfector Surgical Instrument Washer accessories 
The Washer Disinfector is provided with a stainless steel trim flange to enclose the opening between one end of the washer and the masonry wall opening. A stainless steel modular wall assembly is designed and manufactured to enclose an open wall area or to create a wall barrier. All Washer Disinfector materials  and fasteners are of stainless steel construction. A stainless steel transfer cart is provided to connect to the load or  unload end of washer for accessories transportation and ease of loading  of the washer.
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