Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner Detergents that clean residue free.
Originally formulated for cleaning eye surgical instruments, the ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners with conditioners is free rinsing to deliver a residue free surface, a high priority for cleaning eye surgical instruments, avoiding TASS eye infections, and for cleaning eye surgical instruments the ONEcleaner enzyme detergent eye surgical instrument cleaners are: non-irritating, neutral pH, and deliver a residue free surface.
Your cleaner eye surgical instruments will look newer and perform longer. You won't need any additional cleaning or conditioning products for hydrating and removing dried on debris from eye surgical instruments, pre-cleaning eye surgical instruments, removing stains from eye surgical instruments, manual cleaning eye surgical instruments, ultrasonic cleaning eye surgical instruments, or for the automated cleaning of eye surgical instruments. Contact us for product information pursuant to enzymatic enzyme detergents and lubricants, and fast and effective surgical instrument cleaners. Surgical Instrument Cleaner with Conditioners is designed to provide a residue free surface for cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments cleaner. Buy eye surgical instrument cleaning detergents that clean residue free. Apply it ONCE, it's all you really need for cleaning eye surgical instruments. Break down and remove bioburden, clean and condition the surface, and deliver a clean, residue free surface, all-at-ONCE. Medical surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners, that lubricate while they clean, cut cleaning costs and clean medical instruments faster.
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